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Very, very upset as the way this event was ran this year.

*The parking spaces NEED to be either re-paved or have the spaces be first come first serve.
*The contest needs to be done with paper ballots and the judges should be well known and have NO CONNECTION to the artist. I had no idea who the judges were, and I didn't even know their presence.
* More prizes. Stop randomly throwing out shirts and bags, give them to artists as honorable mentions. I'm a single artist, I worked on my space alone. Do not judge me to a team who has four people.
* The refreshments were a joke. Last year there was cold beverages and volunteers giving water to the artists. The lukewarm water and scarce snacks were not helpful to the artist. We are out in the hot sun doing extensive labor. The least you could offer is a cold drink so we do not get heat exhaustion.
*Artist parking was not even marked with the designated areas. What's the point?

Honestly, if this event continues to go downhill I doubt any skilled artist will wish to attend. If this disrespect persists then you will NOT have a show. Talented artist are the reason people come to visit, STOP keep taking advantage of them.
I was there Thursday 2pm-2-am, Friday 8-am-4am, Saturday 8am-11pm. I was there promoting this event, I was answering questions about this event. I've been attending 3 years in a row now, and honestly after this kind of disrespect I could care less to even mention this event.
I expect something to change, or don't expect me to promote any of this.

I do want to say thank you to all of the great and kind people who visited and left so many wonderful comments on my art. Thank you all so much. Thanks to the dedicated artist, I'm sure many of us can agree on these key points that need to be addressed.
I did have a great time bonding with the audience and the artists, but there were times I was fuming because these key points.

Please contact me via private message or on this post addressing these key points if you have any say in how this is ran. If I'm ignored then do not expect me to show up next year.
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