TRIBES is an Rock Mariachi band from El Paso, TX founded by multi-instrumentalist, Mike Hernandez. It began as a side-project in mid 2009 only to be placed on the back-burner officially when he joined Tempe Arizona’s Rock group Tugboat from 2010 to 2012. Following that, Hernandez then went on to join The Royalty (Victory Records) during which time he also filled-in on Bass/Guitarron duties with Los Angeles group, Mariachi El Bronx (White Drugs/ATO Records).

In 2013, he returned to his Mariachi project as his main pursuit. Over the last several years while trying to establish the band, Hernandez has filled the gaps touring with groups such as Tolidos, Nick Hirsch and Mariachi El Bronx. In late 2016, he decided to fully refocus on his own music again with a renewed sense of purpose and a new batch of songs.

TRIBES sound meshes heavy drums with traditional Mariachi instruments. Adding rich melody and harmony, TRIBES focuses on IndieRock songwriting that pulls from Mariachi influences as the cohesive element. Their new releases, Passengers (2020) & Blazing Hearts (2020) is independently released on Hernandez’s own label DLG Danger Lips Group partnered by SS9. The band is rounded out by seasoned veteran musicians as well as new up-and-coming talent from the El Paso Music Scene.