Sofia Enriquez, Estoy Aqui

Sofia Enriquez, Estoy Aqui

Sofía Enriquez is a Mexican-American Fine Artist currently based in Honolulu, Hawaii. Enriquez received her BFA in Communication Arts at Otis College of Art & Design.

This new 2021 art concept by Sofia Enriquez depicts a woman of color proudly taking up space by standing tall and wide while simultaneously offering love and peace through her sweet embrace.

“Estoy Aqui” steps away from Enriquez’s iconic paisley designs (as seen at Coachella Fest) and pivots in a new direction towards giving homage to the original place where the inspiration of using paisleys came from working women of color. This installation was designed to claim the space of a woman of color existing in America.
The use of the paisley design is inspired by its continuous presence throughout her entire life. She saw this design on fabrics across different cultures, classes, ages and genders. Catholicism also being close to home and another influence is expressed another parallel influential aspect to Enriquez’s signature style.

The large-scale sculptural painting pulls from Enriquez’s Mexican-American heritage influenced by Roman Catholic portraiture. This cultural staple has seeped into every painting, flowing seamlessly along her iconic paisleys.
Post survival of the year 2020 Enriquez’s visual representation offers her audience a feeling we all lost sight of; comfort.

Enriquez builds this safe space offering affection, love, light, happiness with a dash of escapism.

When designing for Chalk the Block 2021, Enriquez had the Hispanic community of El Paso, Texas in mind. She sought to find symbolism within her designs that would tie the Mexican-American cultures and collective experiences together. El Paso is a resilient and culturally diverse city. Here within the arms of Enriquez’s installation, the people of El Paso can gather in a safe space. Once engulfed, viewers will be surrounded by uplifting colors and playful illustrations.

Photos are highly encouraged to celebrate a year of perseverance and coming out stronger on the other side.