Rodriga Rockmore

Rodriga Rockmore was born and raised in the borderlands region of Cd. Juarez, and El Paso, TX, and proudly recognizes herself as a fronteriza woman. She is a musician, DJ, organizer, community advocate and educator. She has been a musical DJ since 2004, and has dedicated most of her musical career to creating safe spaces for women artists to create, play, and display their works.

She has made it a mission in her professional career to make women visible in a culture that is often highly masculinized. In 2019, she founded Adelitas Fronterizas Vinyl Club, a safe space collective where women, and non-binary people, can collect, play, and organize musical vinyl shows. The musical genres she is most passionate about are alternative, non-comercialized music like women’s soul, Mexican Garage from the 1960s, and from underground artists that are mostly unheard of in mainstream music. You can find her in various digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, MixCloud and Youtube under @Rodrigarockmore, and @AdelitasFronterizasVinylClub.