Jerry Vlak

Since the summer of 2019, Jerry picked up guitar and began writing music. Within the short span of a few months
and into his senior year, this 17 year old student has written over 40 original songs. While his songs have an acoustic Indie style to them, Jerry Vlack’s voice also adds a distinct emotional feeling to it that echoes the emotional rock styles of music from the late 2000’s while still keeping an original style to them.

The song that showcases the remarkable creativity and artistic style of this young artist is his debut single “Lights.” Inspired by Radiohead’s song, “Creep,” Jerry Vlack explores a fusion of rock and also indie styles that blend together in a somber mixture of emotion and memory.

Jerry Vlack’s music never fails to leave audiences holding on to heart strings and becoming one with their inner feelings. Lyrics and textures of emotions are shown throughout his songs and also bring new life to the emotional rock songs of the 2000’s. Anyone that loves Rock and Indie will find Jerry Vlack’s music most satisfying. His lyrics and vocals serve as a new way to bring back nostalgia from the good days of emotional rock songs.