Art by Laura Turon

Laura Turon
Visual Art.

As an avid artist and thought-leader in El Paso-Juárez, Laura Turón is elevating local art installations with her passion for creativity in public spaces. She proudly graduated with honors from the University of El Paso (UTEP)— Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art in Drawing and Graphic Design. Her education also includes a minor in Painting and a professional certificate in Exhibition Practices, making her a multidisciplinary creator. Hungry to give life to art in the community, she conceptualized and founded “Paradox Traveling Art,” an art installation, on a school bus, that travels to communities with limited or no accessibility to art spaces. An energetic and loving spirit, she wishes to continue collaborating with local communities to develop/promote the importance of art, representing diverse talent in the borderplex. Today, Turón is best known for her work with community art installations and combine the concepts of science and technology; her latest collaboration includes the UTEP EM Lab.
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