Each year Chalk the Block is host to local, national and international temporary art installations, live chalk artists, dancers and performers. Art can be perceived as something that is only viewed in a setting where interaction is not necessarily encouraged. At CTB attendees are engaged all the senses are potentially triggered simultaneously. From large scale to small scale, all CTB art experiences are sure to leave a mark.

Sidewalk Chalk Art Competition
CTB’s sidewalk chalk art competition is the reason why we exist.
The competition has gone from 12 chalk artists in 2008 to 50+ artists in 2015. The competition is divided into the following categories:

Student Artists
Emerging Artists
Showcase Artists

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Carpetbag Brigade


“Callings” pays poetic homage to the sirens of the sea. Inspired by the challenge of climate change it speaks in transformational metaphors using Carpetbag Brigade’s craft of acrobatic stilts. Bubbling up from the depths an uneasy truce evolves between the eternal and the forgotten – The ghost of a sea captain and the primal siren of the sea confront the sailors of commerce, seducing them into the awakening that the ocean is a living being. Carpetbag Brigade is performance troupe based in Arizona and has toured extensively taking their repertoire of performances all over the world.

Matthew Hoffman


“Go For It” originated from an invitation to create a piece in Market Square in conjunction with the historic Pullman Foundation in August 2014. “In a way, the piece speaks for itself. If you want to see something in your world, just go for it.”

Matthew Hoffman is a Chicago-based artist & designer whose public works have been exhibited internationally. Matthew has created large scale installations for the City of Chicago, Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway Conservancy as well as companies like Facebook, Zappos, & Cards Against Humanity. Matthew is the Custodian of You Are Beautiful, a project to better the world in little ways. The message has reached every corner of the globe, with over 3 million stickers shared by the community. The hope is for us to share uplifting thoughts with each other.

Wall to Wall


“Wall to Wall” is a street mural project/walk that will bring regional and local artists together and showcase a variety of painting styles on the walls of two iconic buildings, El Paso Museum of Art and the El Paso Convention Center, resulting in a corridor of wall to wall colorful creations.

Featured artists include Nani Chacon from Albuquerque, NM. Lead artist of “Resilience”; Albuquerque’s largest mural totaling over 6,000 square feet, Jellyfish Collectivo from Ciudad Juarez, curators of the Hola Color! and Color Walk street art art projects, along side El Paso’s artist collective Los Dos and other local artists.

Teddy Lo


Gon Kirin (GKR) is a mobile art structure originally conceived by Hong Kong artist Teddy Lo and Detroit artist Ryan Doyle for Burningman Festival. Lo always had a fascination of futuristic and mystical figures from alternative universe hence he wanted to create a sacred figure mixing East and West aesthetics to feature his luminous lighting concepts. Being one of the first Chinese artists to grace the playa with a mega installation, Lo wants to create an eclectic light dragon that is both raw and technological to represent evolution, possibilities and divine power. He collaborated with Doyle in designs and constructing the electrical, mechanical and industrial details in the Bay Area in 2010. Since its launch, GKR has graced various events in US and has received 16 blue ribbons at Makers Faires and the Burningman Award of Excellence… (learn more)

Agency Architecture


SELFIE WALL is a custom-fabricated modular wall which creates various lighting conditions day and night, creating a dynamic and interactive temporary space for self-photography. The ‘shade-like’ construction bounces, filters, and dapples light to create a dynamic range of light suitable for portrait photography. Diffuse light, direct light, shadow, and artificial schematic light concepts, are sculpted in different zones, inviting the visitor to explore.

With the advent of social media, the selfie’s popularity is growing. Selfies are instantly deployed to larger audiences. New ways to use them are constantly evolving. ‘Selfie’ was Oxford Dictionary’s ‘word of the year’ in 2013. They are an under-explored but nascent and growing art form, spawning internet memes and demanding further study. More recent¬ly, devices have been invented which extend our ability to capture ourselves, changing our behaviors in public space. The time has come for selfies to have space of their own.

AGENCY is a collaborative interdisciplinary practice engaging contemporary culture through architecture, urbanism, and advocacy.


Hungry Castle, Installation: “Laser Cat”



Artist and founder of Hungry Castle of Barcelona, Dave (aka Danger) is known for combining public art and fashion with his unique creative vision. He loves the strange, the beautiful and creating larger than life projects. The Internet is his muse. Constantly searching for new ways of thinking, Dave strives to make cool stuff happen around the world.

Laser Cat is gigantic feline-shaped art installation that projects the personal projects of professional creatives through its laser-beam eyes. The art incorporates the elements of performance, stage production and art creating an out of this world experience. FEED LASER CAT!!!

Maximo Gonzalez, Installation: “Walk Among Worlds”


Originally from Argentina and now Mexican artist, Maximo Gonzalez, has participated in a total of 117 group and 39 solos exhibitions around the world. He has showcased his work “Magnificent Warning” here in El Paso at the UTEP Stanlee & Rubin Center. His works stem all the all medias using a variety materials.

“Walk Among Worlds” explores the effects of light and lightness, looking for a cultural reflection on political division of the world. The installation, originally composed of 7,000 units that represent the 7,000 millions of inhabitants of the planet, is entirely made of inflatable balls.

Alice Farley Dance Theatre, Performances: “Imaginarium”


Alice Farley Dance Theatre is a New York based company that creates theatre of gesture transformation for both indoor and outdoor settings. Alice Farley des this through costuming, illusion, puppetry, stilts and circus skills. They have performed all over the world including Bangkok, Singapore, Quebec and Toronto.

Alice Farley Dance Theatre brings “Imaginarium” to CTB and will engage attendees with a variety of original characters and will make them feel like they have been transported to a magical world of fantasy.

Los Dos, Installation: “Stargazer”

STARGAZER is a unique piece commissioned by the Museums & Cultural Affairs Department (MCAD) specifically for Chalk the Block 8. The piece will be a large-scale 16 –18 foot inflatable installation that is currently being manufactured by the makers of the Macy’s parade inflatables. The picture above is an example of the series of characters created by Los Dos. STARGAZER will take similar form but you have to be present to see the piece in full effect.

American Institute of Architects, Installation

AIA Pavilion is a concept initiated by the El Paso Chapter of the American Institute of Artists designed by EPCC and Texas Tech School of Architecture students. A weaving element of the piece will call for attendee participation. When completed it will create a visually appealing appealing experience both in the daytime and evening hours. Experience it for yourself.